Greenest in Flames
Greenest map

Greenest in Flames

For the past several days, your caravan has been traveling a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. Sundown is approaching when you top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at the distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest being attacked by a dragon!


After saving Linan Swift and her family you fought your way to the keep, where you met the Governor Nighthill and Escobert the Red.

The Old Tunnel

Escobert, provided you a key to The Old Tunnel in the hope that you could sneak out and save some of the townfolk. After fighting off an ambush has you exited, you captured and bought back a raider to be interrogated.

During the interrogation you learned that he is a hired mercenary that has been raiding communities around the Greenfields for loot.

Dragon Attack

Shortly before midnight, Pandjed fought off the adult blue dragon with a series of magical spells. Pandjed was suprised and knew that the dragon wasn't really hurt, but regardless the dragon flew off into the night.


The Govenor, asked you to make your way to the temple of Chauntea to investigate why Eadyan Falconmoon (half-elf) hasn't returned with supplies.  After fighting your way into the temple you discoved a dozen or so townfolks along with Eadyan. With no time to spare you quick came up with a plan to sneak everyone out, along with the much need supplies.

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

From the darkness, a creature strides into the dim light of the dying fires around the keep. Although it is shaped roughly like a human, it is at least seven feet tall, its skin is covered in blue scales, its fingers bear wicked claws, and its face has the muzzle  and reptilian eyes of a dragon. You immediately determine that he's akin to Pandjed and it is in fact Dragonborn. Langdedrosa stop about eight yards from the main gate of the keep and scans the walls. A line of kobolds fans out behind him. With spears, they prod four human prisoners into the dim light. You can make out a woman, a teenage boy in a blood-soaked tunic, and two children. "Defenders of Greenest! This has been a successful night, and I am feeling generous. Do you see these four pitiful, useless prisoners? We have no need for them, so I will trade them back to you. Send out your best warrior to fight me, and you can have these four in exchange.”

The Governor, is at a lost and looks to you for support. Once again Pandjed steps forward an accepts Langdedrosa challenge. After a worthy fight Langdedrosa leave Pandjed mortally wounded, but she is saved by the fast response of Eadyan and her companions.

Important Characters

  • Governor Nighthill. The man who runs Greenest is Tarbaw Nighthill. He's human in his sixties.
  • Castellan Escobert the Red. Escobert is shield dwarf with knotted, tangled bright red hair. As you learned Escobert, is in charge of the defense of the keep.