The Raiders' Camp
Raider's Camp Map

Raiders’ Camp

A young man walks up to you, limping heavily on his bandaged left leg. "I hear that you intend to follow the raiders and see where they've gone. I'd like nothing better than to come with you, but in this condition, I'd slow you down. In the midst of all this tragedly, there's no reason you would have heard about the fate of my master, Leosin Erlanthar, but it's important you know. He is a monk from Berdusk. He disappeared last night, after we fought a particularly savage battle against raiders. A few others and I fought our way to the keep, barely. Leosin didn't make it at all. We went back this morning to look for him, but all we found was his broken staff and this choker, which he always wore."

Nesim Waladra continues...

"Leosin has been investigating these raiders for months. I fear that he might have tried to infiltrate their group when they retreated, or worse, was captured and carried away as a prisoner. No one understands these bandits better than he does, and his knowledge will be invaluable against them. When you find their camp, please look for any sign that Leosin is there. One of my brothers has already departed for Berdusk to bring back help, but it will be many days before help arrives. Anything you can do before then would be a godsend."


Along with Nesim the Governor also wanted to see if you'd investigate the raiders' camp and bring back any inform you could gather, to better understand why their town was targeted. After heading south you ran into a small group of stragglers and captured them. Unfortunately, the kobolds escaped has you engaged with the human bandits. Durning the commotion Pandjed, turned herself into a kobold and ran off with them.


After avoiding an ideal ambush spot you continued south only to encounter multiple uniformed guards searching the woods for something or someone. Before you engaged in battle you noticed that one of the guards ran off to the south in a hurry. With six of the rearguards dead and looted the adventure continues...